Rabbi Gadi Levy, Mohel

Circumcision Should be Done in a Loving Environment.

New research has shown that circumcision straight after birth may have traumatic effects on the child. Rather than circumcise at the hospital, many parents defer circumcision till after they settle back home. Parents will call a Mohel (a Jewish specialist in circumcision) who will come to the home and circumcise their son in a caring loving way.

Circumcision in 5 Easy Steps

Download my free PDF guide to circumcision today! I’m available if you have any questions.

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Rabbi Levy is a caring honest experienced Mohel. He has done hundreds of circumcisions across the Midwest  Rabbi Levy is available to talk you through any of the questions or challenges you may have regarding circumcision.

Parents know that they can count on Rabbi Levy to do their son’s circumcision in a loving and caring way! Rabbi Levy performs baby circumcision without VitaminK in Denver. Rabbi Levy is also available to perform baby circumcision after a homebirth in Denver.

Although Rabbi Levy is available to travel to most locations in Pacific Midwest, he is most known to perform baby circumcision without Vitamin K in Portland. Rabbi Levy also travels on a regular basis to Bozeman Mt, Grand Junction Co, and even recently returned from a circumcision trip to Alaska.

Because Rabbi Levy is so  sincere honest and caring mothers feel confident to entrust him with their precious babies. Rabbi Levy is patient, sensitive and thorough in what he does. If you’d like to know more about circumcision options for your baby, call Rabbi Levy directly at 720-315-4266.

Why Choose a Mohel

There are three primary reasons Christians prefer a Mohel to do their son’s circumcision.

  1. Rabbi Levy is considered to be a true specialist in the field of circumcision. Rabbi Levy’s circumcisions are done swiftly and with the utmost care for the child.
  2. Vitamin K shot. Although most medical professionals will refuse to do a circumcision on a baby without a Vitamin K shot, Rabbi Levy will gladly do your son’s circumcision after the 7th day from birth.
  3. Meaningful Experience. Rabbi Levy will make your son’s circumcision a spiritual and meaningful one. Rabbi Levy’s will take the time to explain the procedure for you. Rabbi Levy will pray with, and for you. And Rabbi Levy will answer all of your questions ensuring that your son’s experience will be a positive loving one.

Call Rabbi Levy 720-315-4266

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Rabbi Levy is available to answer or explain any questions you may have about the actual procedure or circumcision in general.

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