After Care

Although the Bris / Circumcision is a relatively quick procedure, babies need a little TLC to have proper recovery. Here are some pointers to keep in mind…

  • It is important that during the first 24 hours after the Bris/Circumcision the parents pay attention during diaper changes that the wound is contained.
    • There should be no active bleeding or oozing.
    • If you feel that there is excessive bleeding, please call Rabbi Levy or your pediatrician or have him brought to Urgent Care, it is always preferable to be on the safe side!
  • Visitors should try avoid disturbing the baby during the first three days. The baby may need to sleep a bit more than usual and a quiet environment is encouraged.


  • The are of the circumcision is usually an open wound.
    • One should take care to ensure that the area is clean, with no foreign objects.
    • Wash your hands before changing the baby.
  • Rabbi Levy usually prescribes to use Neosporin around the area of the penis and it is important to keep that area clean besides for the prescribed ointment.
    • Over the first three days after the brit milah ceremony, spread a circle of the Neosporin ointment around the area of the wound during every second or third diaper change.
  • When the baby urinates he may wash out the bandage and it is common to find a little orange or light red in the diaper.


  • It is reasonable to expect the baby to be somewhat irritable during the first 24 hours after the bris ceremony. Keep him comfortable. I have found that when the babies feet are wrapped so that he doesn’t move them much, they tend to be calmer and less irritable.
  • While feeding, keep the baby in a flat position. Try not to fold his legs, even to burp. Ideally burp him on your shoulder or in a comfortable arm position.
    If your baby is irritable call your pediatrician, they will usually recommend a 1.5ml dose of Tylenol to help him relax and rest.

Day Two & Beyond

  • I will usually attempt to come to remove the gauze and dressing from the baby (after 24 hours from the bris).
  • Once the dressing is removed, or if it falls off by itself, continue applying the ointment for another 48 hours.
  • A few days after the bris milah, it is normal for a few white spots to appear around the incision.
    • A white crust may follow.
    • This should not be mistaken for an infection.
    • The spots will become hard and will fall off by themselves. Do not pick at them, for that will cause bleeding.
  • Do not bathe the baby for four days after the circumcision.
    • He may be given a sponge bath.
    • Take care not to touch the circumcised area.