Dear Parents:

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Rabbi Gadi Levy

Thank you for this opportunity to help guide you, as you bring your wonderful new baby boy into this beautiful world. On this site I have attempted to deal with many questions that parents may ask about circumcision and the Jewish Brit ceremony. However, if you do have a question that is not dealt with, or you’d like to discuss them further, please don’t hesitate to call me at 503-985-6229.

Often parents may decide to have their son circumcised by a pediatrician, rather than a Jewish mohel, but still have other questions to ask. I welcome those parents to still call me or ask their questions in the form below and I will attempt to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

Most parents have any combination of three common reasons for circumcision. In some cases, they will have their son circumcised for medical reasons, i.e. parents or doctors believe it would be healthier for there son to be circumcised. Another reason would be is that parents believe in the religious importance of being circumcised by a certified rabbi mohel in a Brit Milah ceremony. Then, there are many parents who circumcise because of social reasons, i.e. they want their child to look the same as any other boy.

Whether you believe that Circumcision is an important procedure from a medical, religious or social reason, it is my privilege to offer my knowledge and help you in any way I can.

To get in contact with me to ask questions or schedule a circumcision either call me at 503-985-6229 or click here to email me.