Meet Rabbi Levy

Hi, I’m Rabbi Gadi Levy.

My Hebrew name is Gad but they call me Gadi for short (pronounced just like you’d say John Gotti)

I am married to my awesome wife Eve and the father of six wonderful kids from four to fifteen years old. My wife and I met while we were both studying in Israel, 17 years ago. We got married there, and it was in Israel that I received my rabbinic degree, and then studied another two years to become a mohel.

I studied one on one with my teacher Rabbi Yehuda Gihat, a senior Mohel with the office of the chief Rabbi. I certified as a mohel in 2008. Over the past ten years, I have performed close to a thousand circumcisions. I travel extensively across the Pacific Midwest doing circumcisions for families from Poulsbo Wa, to Elizabeth Co, from Anchorage Al, to El Paso, New Mexico.

I like to spend time with parents beforehand explaining the procedure, and going through any questions they may have. I believe in being as open and transparent as possible with parents, and have a goal of making the procedure a trauma-free experience. Though I typically spend two to three hours with a family, the actual procedure takes me less than two minutes. I try to act as a resource for parents and therefore have developed many close relationships with families through the experience.

Although many of the circumcisions that I perform are for Jewish families, most of them are for non-Jewish families! Parents tend to prefer using me rather than a pediatrician for the following reasons:

  • Recommendations from midwives or doulas.
  • Parents see a Mohel as a specialist in the field of circumcisions.
  • Since I typically circumcise after day 8, I don’t require a Vitamin K shot.
  • I come to the families home, which tends to be a calmer, warmer and more loving environment for the baby.
  • I have my own autoclave machine, and sterilize all my tools.
  • I’m fast.