There is a special kind of love that surrounds the circumcision ceremony performed by Rabbi Levy. I had the honor of being with my friends, David and Nicole, during the circumcisions of their twin boys. Rabbi Levy’s approach with my friends, as the parents of the twins, was professional on so many levels. He educated them on the process of circumcision, as well as his level of experience as a certified mohel and gave them time to ask any questions. What is very memorable to me is the way Rabbi Levy can make the setting so peaceful. The “covenant of circumcision” to some families holds a very special place in their hearts and their faith. Rabbi Levy understands that in a way that holds much depth. To entrust any person with our children, other than ourselves as parents or guardians, can be difficult at times. However, Rabbi Levy is someone I encourage you to trust your son’s circumcision with. All his medical supplies were very sterile. He used a new set of surgical instruments for each baby boy. The twins recovered beautifully and I myself, am hoping to use Rabbi Levy in the near future as well. Many blessings, Charity