Joshua M.

Our experience with Rabbi Gadi Levy was as good or better than I had hoped for. This was our third son, and I can only wish that the other two had such a good experience. Theirs was either at a hospital or youth clinic, this one was at home; theirs was either unattended (because of circumstances) or dramatic and heart-wrenching, this one I had the option to assist (and did so) and was quiet and peaceful; theirs was filled with discomfort and questions, this one was comforting and all questions were answered; theirs was in-and-out, this one was prepared, attended to, and waited upon in the aftermath by the same caring professional throughout.

Rabbi Gadi’s experience and professionalism were evident. His heart is kind toward the parents and attendees (we had several guests), and his tools were organized and ready. We are a Christian household, and he served and treated us well, even as one of his own family. We live in Loveland, and he traveled to our home. He talked with us as he prepared, and also afterward while he waited to ensure that everything was well with our son, double-checking him before leaving.

During the circumcision, our son cried for a total of 3 to 5 minutes, and was quickly comforted and held by Rabbi Gadi as soon as he finished. There was some crying from discomfort over the next hour or so, and beyond that no significant pain was evident. Everything went quite smoothly, we did not have to wait for a ring to fall off in the ensuing days, and we only needed to take care to watch the gauze and ointment and to call if anything was concerning. Rabbi Gadi followed up with us two or three times to make sure everything was well, and that was greatly appreciated.

I can highly recommend his services to anyone! We are grateful, Rabbi Gadi, for serving our family well.