Kay J.

Our family is forever grateful for Rabbi Gadi’s unique expertise in circumcision.  My search that led us to Rabbi Gadi all began towards the end of my second pregnancy with our second son. I work in the medical field and began doing extensive research regarding vaccinations. We decided for our family that we did not want our son to have the Vitamin K shot administered. It is nearly impossible to obtain a pediatrician to perform a circumcision, with refusal of administering the Vitamin K shot (standard medical protocol). With our new son, we decided to take another route. We desperately were seeking the professional services Rabbi Gadi provides!  Living in Alaska has its challenges, so no surprise that when I searched for a Rabbi to perform our sons circumcision, there was none available in state to contact. After researching many dead ends, I found Rabbi Gadi online and decided to contact him directly to discuss our options. After our first conversation, I felt that I could trust him. We spoke off and on until we coordinated a convenient time for him to travel to Alaska.  The day that we had so anxiously awaited finally arrived, and we could not have been more pleased with the entire experience. Our whole family, Grandparents included were all able to participate in the memorable experience. Rabbi Gadi was so thorough at explaining the procedure, there was no room for anxiety or worry. He has such a calming grace, wonderful spirit, and easy going personality! He fit right in with our family and home. As far as the procedure, he utilizes sterile medical grade equipment and is very quick and precise. The level of care and compassion exercised by Rabbi Gadi is unmatchable! He blessed our family with a beautiful prayer before the procedure, and was extremely nurturing to our son up until the moment he left.  We could not be happier with every decision that led us to having met Rabbi Gadi! If we had to go back and do it again, we wouldn’t change a single thing. In fact, we hope to bare more son’s one day and plan to call on Rabbi Gadi again. Not only did he take exceptionally good care of our son while here, we learned so much from him through sharing his wisdom and beliefs. He is just an all around great person. I truly believe our experience could not have been as wonderful as it was without Rabbi Gadi. He provides a much needed service to families all over that seek his expertise. If your research has led you this far, look no further!  Forever grateful to you Gadi!  Timmons family