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So with my first son we went the traditional medical route of having him circumcised at the doctors after birth. I was horrified. I waited in the waiting room but he screamed and cried for at least 20 min. Once I found out he was strapped down to a cold plastic board, they gave him an injection and it took 15 min I never wanted to go through that again.

So when I found out I was having another boy I started looking at alternatives. Half of my family are Jewish so I looked into how they do it. I found Rabbi Levy on the net and he explained their method. Very quick, a topical numbing agent no needles, in my own home less than 5 min from diaper off to back on. Wow! That’s more like it. I did a bit more research and we decided this was the route we would go.

Another big decider for not doing it medically was we didn’t do the vitamin k shot. Rabbi Levy explained that within Judaism they only circumcise after the baby is 7  days old. By this time the body’s ability to coagulate the blood is at it’s natural high state.. Unlike the docs, they don’t care so much about wether the baby has had the shot or not. We couldn’t find a Dr willing to do the circumcision without the baby receiving the shot. It was plain and simple, no shot no procedure.

So 10 days after my baby boy was born Rabbi Levy came to our home and performed the procedure.  My baby did cry a little,  but it was over very quick. I might add Rabbi Levy was very professional.  He had all his tools wrapped and very sterile. He took his time to set up and make sure my baby was as comfortable as possible. He was very clean and meticulous.

My husband aided, but I did not watch.  Rabbi Levy stayed in our home for about an hour afterwards so that he could recheck my son and make sure the bleeding had stopped and there were no complications. Rabbi Levy even left us a tube of antibiotic ointment for after care. Rabbi Levy checked in over the next week to see how my baby was doing, and I definitely appreciated the personal attention. I would definitely go this route again.

The one difference with getting it done at the hospital vs a Rabbi iMohel s that with the hospital method there is a ring that sits over the penis for 7-10 afterwards so you don’t see much until it falls off and by then it’s mostly healed. The Bris method, there is no ring. Just some gauze for bleeding that you take off two days later. So what you see is a very raw and red looking penis. I was a bit alarmed until I realized that, that was normal in both cases. It’s just the first time I saw it. It does take a bit more work on the parents part to make sure it stays very clean and dry. But other than that it was healed in the same 7-10 days and by two weeks after it looked normal.

We are very grateful to Rabbi Levy for driving a distance to our home (Colorado Springs)  and taking such good care of our baby boy!!! We would highly recommend him to anyone.