There is a special kind of love that surrounds the circumcision ceremony performed by Rabbi Levy. I had the honor of being with my friends, David and Nicole, during the circumcisions of their twin boys. Rabbi Levy’s approach with my friends, as the parents of the twins, was professional on so many levels. He educated…
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Having two sons, and watching their circumcisions in the hospital, I thought I knew what to expect when I attended a circumcision performed by Rabbi Gadi Levy.  I was very surprised at the degree of professionalism and precision exhibited as he performed the short procedure.  His care and concern for the child were comforting to…
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Jeffery G.

“Our second son, Miles, was born in June. Rabbi Levy performed his Brit and the ceremony was simply beautiful. Rabbi Levy was warm and loving towards not only the baby but all of our friends and family, despite many of them not being Jewish. I deeply appreciated the time that Rabbi Levy dedicated to me…
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Brad & Jayme

Our experience with Rabbi Gadi Levy was as good or better than I had hoped for. This was our third son, and I can only wish that the other two had such a good experience. Theirs was either at a hospital or youth clinic, this one was at home; theirs was either unattended (because of circumstances)…
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Joshua M.

Rabbi Levy served as Mohel for the Bris of our son Mordechai last year on Rosh Hashana.  His confidence, skill, good cheer, and wonderful personality,  made for a fantastic, and unforgettable experience.  We will always be grateful to him for changing his plans last minute to accommodate us.   We would use Rabbi Levy again…
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Elisha Z.

So with my first son we went the traditional medical route of having him circumcised at the doctors after birth. I was horrified. I waited in the waiting room but he screamed and cried for at least 20 min. Once I found out he was strapped down to a cold plastic board, they gave him an injection…
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Tiffany & Brad

“The procedure went without complication and my grandson is nicely healed.”

Dr. Sam R.

​“We had Rabbi Levy perform our son’s circumcision and we couldn’t be happier with the experience and the results.  He explained the procedure to us in great detail, and was very meticulous during the entire process.  When it was completed, he stayed a while and made sure our son was comfortable and everything looked good.…
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Matth & Kristy

We were so glad to have Rabbi Gadi circumcise our new son, Luke! He communicated well, both before-hand and on the day of the procedure; he addressed all of our concerns and was very professional. We are not Jewish; he was respectful of our wishes, and indulged our questions about his faith, family, and practice.…
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Doug C.

We had Gadi Levy circumcise our son – and I will highly recommend him to anyone looking for an in-home option for circumcision! The actual circumcision was done within a few minutes – our baby cried for a short time, but then stopped and has not cried much since! Gadi explained what he was going…
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Zachary S.

I knew from the first conversation that Rabbi Levy was a great fit for our family. Even before the circumcision, while my wife was still pregnant, he was checking in on us to ensure everything was going smoothly. On the day of the circumcision, there was a peace about Rabbi Levy that calmed everyone including…
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Matt B.

Rabbi Levy recently did our son’s circumcision, and it was a truly wonderful and spiritual experience. From the very first phone call, to the actual procedure itself, to the aftercare, Rabbi Levy was kind, compassionate, thorough, and attentive. He took the time to really care about us and our situation, and he explained everything clearly.…
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Brandon B.

My husband and I are thouroughly satisfied and impressed with Rabbi Levy. He was very informative and made sure we understood exactly how the circumcision was done. During the actual procedure he was very gentle with my son, he was clean and professional and very considerate. Our child’s comfort was clearly a priority to Rabbi…
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Amber M.

It was a blessing for us to have his Service’s. Very informative about the procedure, kind and very caring for the family. Made sure everyone was comfortable and checked in making sure our son was okay.

Julie Y.

Wow, what a special time in our life as we introduced our son, Benjamin, into the world. Everything about Rabbi Gadi’s demeanor brought peace and serenity into the room…it was truly a memorable and beautiful time. Rabbi Gadi explained every step to us, and was so kind, compassionate and incredibly skillful. He is entirely trustworthy…
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Kris D.

Rabbi Levi was excellent. He not only performed the brit flawlessly, but he also took the time to calm nervous first-time parents. He checked back with us several times afterward just to make sure everything was alright and answered all our questions — always with patience and a smile. We couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Mikael S.

The experience with Rabbi Levy performing our son Benjamin’s circumcision was really great. He took his time to explain everything he was going to do and how to care for him afterwards so we weren’t surprised about what was going on. We loved that he stayed afterwards to make sure that he was healing well…
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Emily C.

Our family is forever grateful for Rabbi Gadi’s unique expertise in circumcision.  My search that led us to Rabbi Gadi all began towards the end of my second pregnancy with our second son. I work in the medical field and began doing extensive research regarding vaccinations. We decided for our family that we did not…
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Kay J.

We found Rabbi Levy online and even though he isn’t living in Denver anymore he visits often and was able to see us. He circumcised our son on day 12 of his life in our home with us. It was a very calm experience and I knew Rabbi Levy cared since the initial phone call…
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Nick C.

Wonderful experience! Highly recommend Gadi Levy!

Lynette B.

Rabbi Levi is an amazing Mohel! He performed the circumcision on our first son (after 5 girls!). My wife would have NO ONE else perform the circumcision on our second son. Rabbi Levy rearranged his schedule to come out to perform the Bris at 5:30 in the morning so he could make a scheduled flight…
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Matt H.


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