The Mohel Experience

How to Choose if a Mohel is Right for You

When parents deliberate over whom to choose for their son’s circumcision, I encourage them to do the following three things.

  1. Do Your Research

    • Speak to the Mohel, speak to the pediatrician, and speak to your midwife. Make sure that you are informed.
  2. Pray

    • Allow the spirituality of this precious moment penetrate your lives. Find the time to connect and listen to the message that God is giving to you.
  3. Speak To Your Partner

    • Discuss your issues with your spouse and listen to them. Your son’s circumcision is a major part of your son’s life, and it’s only right that the decision come through the earnestness of you together as a couple.
  4. Listen To Your Own Voice

    • If you have hesitations with using a Mohel/pediatrician, call them up, have a chat with them, and see if you can become comfortable with them. If you cannot then don’t use them. Your son’s circumcision is a big step and you should feel good about it.